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Effect Of Plants As Per Vastu Shastra

Ever wonder why some places seem to have a better overall vibe than others? An old Indian science of building and design called Vastu Shastra may have the solution. According to Vastu Shastra, spaces should be designed to foster happiness and good vibes. In order to maintain harmony and balance in your living area, Vastu Shastra relies on natural components, particularly plants. We’ll examine the amazing effect of plants as per Vastu Shastra in this blog, as well as how you can effortlessly incorporate them into your home to maximize good energy flow.

Vastu Shastra Description

The “science of architecture,” often referred to as vastu shastra, has its origins in the earliest Vedic writings. For building and setting up spaces to improve quality of life, it offers a set of principles and recommendations. The major goal is to harmonize and create a positive environment by coordinating these areas with natural forces.

Vastu Shastra and the Function of Plants

Each natural element emits a particular energy, according to the Vastu Shastra. Plants are regarded as strong providers of good energy since they are a fundamental component of nature. Using Vastu principles, consider the following ways that plants can improve your surroundings:

  • Air Purification

By collecting carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen, plants as per vastu shastra play a critical role in the air’s purification. This not only enhances the quality of the air in your room but also fills it with uplifting energy, resulting in a livelier mood.

  • The Five Elements are Balanced

The five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space are central to the Vastu Shastra. The Earth element is represented by plants, which give your home a sense of permanence and anchoring. They assist in preserving the balance of these components, which is essential for promoting positive energy.

  • Negative Energy Absorption

It is thought that plants have a purifying effect by absorbing poisons and bad energy. In areas where negativity or conflict has a history, this can be very helpful.

  • Bringing in Positive Energy

Numerous plants as per vastu shastra, including the Money Plant and Tulsi, are believed by Vastu to bring riches and good energy. They can increase success and abundance in your home if you position them thoughtfully.

  • Increasing Beauty

Your surroundings become more aesthetically pleasing thanks to plants. Vastu principles state that your space’s aesthetic value has a big impact on your mental and emotional health.

Plants that Grow Best in Different Directions

The Vastu Shastra suggests particular plants for different interior directions. Here are a few ideas:

  • North: Place bamboo plants in the north direction for a successful job and abundant finances.
  • East: Holy Basil (Tulsi) promotes well-being, health, and happiness if kept in the east direction.
  • West: Keep the money plant in the west to draw success and money.
  • South: Aloe Vera to protect against evil spirits and support wellness.
  • Anywhere: Peace Lily for air purification and tranquility.
Plants That Grow Best in Different Directions

Practical Advice on Using Plants in Vastu

Strategic Positioning:

For each room of your home, it’s crucial to place your plants in accordance with Vastu principles. The energy flow is improved by proper placement in each direction, which has its own significance.

Maintaining Your Plants:

Healthy, well-maintained plants give off a good aura. To receive the complete effect of plants as per vastu shastra keep them healthy, give them regular watering, trimming, and cleaning.

Plant Removal:

Immediately remove sick or wilting plants from your house. These signify stagnation and can bring unfavorable energy into your environment.

Optimal Sunlight:

Make sure your plants get enough sunlight. This is necessary for their development and for their capacity to emit positive energy.

Stylish Containers

Choose stylish pots or containers to hold your plants if you want to display them. This will not only improve your home’s general appearance, but it will also create a happier environment.

Final Words

According to Vastu Shastra, adding plants to your home can significantly improve the quality of your life and living environment. The purpose of using plants in Vastu is to create a harmonious environment that fosters health, wealth, and positive energy flow, not merely for aesthetic reasons. By adhering to these guidelines, you can transform your house into a refuge of harmony and calm that is surrounded by lush, natural beauty. 

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